Focal OneĀ® - HIFU Technology

Precision Matters

Focal One HIFU technology combines the latest imaging and high-intensity focused ultrasound to precisely contour and ablate the targeted lesion while avoiding critical structures.


The Focal OneĀ®Ā HIFU RoboticĀ System uses high-performance imaging and HIFU technology to allow the urologist to target the prostate precisely with submillimeter accuracy, sparing healthy surrounding tissue and preserving the patient’s quality of life.

How HIFU Technology Applications Work In Medicine

Ultrasound waves have been used in medicine for nearly a century through different clinical applications. Today there are two main fields whereĀ Ultrasound is used inĀ the human body ā€” Ultrasound ImagingĀ and Focused Ultrasound Therapy.

UltrasoundĀ Imaging

  • 3-10 MHz frequency
  • ā€œParallelā€ beam
  • Very low power (0.02 W)

Ultrasound Therapy (HIFU)

  • 3 MHz frequency
  • Focused beams ultrasound
  • Very high power (200W) 10,000 times more than imaging


High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) uses an ultrasound probe to deliver high-intensity sound waves at a precise point. The magnitude of ultrasound energy delivered rapidly raises the temperature at the focal point, causing coagulation necrosis without damaging healthy tissue and structures
outside the targeted area.


Exclusive Dynamic Focusing HIFU Technology
Dynamic Focusing Probe allows a pure focal ablation


Multi-Element Phased Array TransducerĀ The unique design of the Dynamic Focusing probe consists of 16 isocentric rings with independent power supply for the electronic displacement of the focal point.

Dynamic Focusing Beam SteeringĀ The HIFU energy can be delivered by activating individual pulses of focused ultrasound waves. The extent of the ablation zone is customized by activating up to 8 individual focus points. Stacked 5 mm apart, with one second of energy delivery per pulse. This continuous process allows for lesions between 5 and 40 mm.



A large body of clinical evidence shows promising cancer control. Watch Dr. Lance Willsey discuss the benefits of targeted, precise Prostate ablation with HIFU which can offer the best out comes for both Physician and Patient. HIFU allows the Physician to preserve a Patient’s quality of life. Patients maintain their continence and preservation of sexual function following HIFU treatment.

Advantages of Dynamic Focusing   

Electronic displacement of focal point allows a precise non-invasive destruction of the target area of the prostate, sparing healthy surrounding tissue and minimizing side effects.
  • Access to the anterior part of large prostates (A-P up to 40 mm)
  • More homogeneous lesions
  • Faster treatment for the same volume
  • Conformational treatment to fit lesions and avoid critical structures
  • Customizable for focal, multiple lesions, hemi, or whole gland treatment

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