Focal One® - Product Details

The Most Advanced Robotic HIFU Platform in the Hands of Urologists.

Learn product details about how Focal One combines the latest imaging and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology to precisely contour and ablate the targeted lesion while avoiding critical structures.


The Focal One® Robotic Focal HIFU Product Details included high performance imaging and HIFU technology which allows Urologist to precisely target the prostate with submillimetric accuracy, sparing healthy surrounding tissue and preserving patients’ quality of life.   

Focal One Robotic Focal HIFU Product Details

Focal One Robotic HIFU platform designed for urologists to perform focal ablation of prostate tissue. Consequently combining the latest innovations in imaging, robotics and HIFU technologies to offer a precise and user-friendly tool in the hands of the urologist.

  • Robotic Positioning System provides enhanced precision with 5 degrees of freedom and automatic safety features.


  • Dynamic Focusing Probe  combines high resolution real-time ultrasound imaging with precise HIFU energy delivery. Resulting in expanded reach and fastest treatment.
  • Fusion HIFUsion® software allows the urologist to import, visualize and perform elastic fusion of MRI or 3D biopsy maps at the time of treatment.

  • Integrated Workstation flexible cart-based system offers the user convenince of compatiblity with standard hospital OR beds.
Focal One Product Details


Higher Precision
  • HIFUsion proprietary software overlays MRI and/or 3D biopsy data for precise contouring

  • Dynamic Focusing Probe targets and delivers HIFU energy in 5 mm increments

  • All motorized movements are robotically controlled with submillimetric accuracy
Faster Treatment
  • Ablates 30 cc/hour, up to 3 times faster than other technologies

  • Total prodedure time including set-up and planning is 45 mins – 1.5 hr

  • No need for manual readjustments

Fully Robotic System Product Details

Product Details Focal One Fully Robotic System
  • Complete motorization of all movements along 5 degrees of freedom (3 translations and 1 rotation)
  • Automatic positioning  for precision / protection of rectal wall at each individual lesion firing
  • Robotic execution of planned ablation

Dynamic Focusing Technology

Real Time Imaging Precision

The Focal One probe allows for real-time imaging during treatments with the highest quality ultrasound imaging transducer on any HIFU system. The dynamic focusing technology provides precise energy delivery in 5mm increments up to 40mm in anterior to posterior length which expands the distance previously available in transrectal approaches.

Biopsy and MRI Guided Focal HIFU Product Details

HIFUsion proprietary software combines pre-operative MRI and 3D biopsy data with real-time ultrasound. This allows the Urologist to precisely contour treatments to target the lesion and avoid key structures. HIFUsion is an open-platform concept that uses the latest DICOM standard compatible with all MRI scanners and most fusion biopsy platforms: Automatic registration of 3D contours of prostate (3D translations and rotations) Elastic (non-rigid) transformation Transformation applied to MRI targets and biopsy trajectories to be visualized in the ultrasound

Designed For Urologist to perform focal ablation of prostate tissue

Product Details

Automated safety Features

Rectal Cooling System
Temperature of patented Ablasonic® cooling liquid is monitored and controlled in real time
Patient Movement Detector
Any patient movement automatically triggers a halt in the treatment
Rectal Wall Positioning
The system monitors the rectal wall position in real time on the ultrasound image and robotically readjusts

Why Physician are Adding Focal One to their Prostate Cancer Management Programs Focal therapy offers quality of life preservation with excellent continence and preservation of sexual function. It offers many patients long-term oncological control when moving some patients to a future radical therapy is not a failure.

SUO And Focal One - The Leading Prostate Focal Therapy Controlled By Urologists.


SUO and Focal One - the Leading Prostate Focal Therapy Controlled by Urologists.

The 2022 SUO Annual Meeting is here. Experience the Leading Prostate Focal Therapy Controlled by Urologists. Join us as Urologists from around the globe will be attending the 2022 SUO Annual Scientific Meeting in Urologic Oncology on the San Diego waterfront.